Gorgeous White Kitchen For A $175k Kitchen Remodel Budget

175k kitchen remodel budget with white cabinets farm sink

Dreaming of a $175k kitchen remodel

You budgeted approximately $175k or under for your kitchen remodel, but what if you dream of something even more luxurious? We’ve all been there.

Pinterest boards and Houzz Ideabooks are a great starting place for inspiration and direction but if you add every last item you see to your remodel, you’ll likely exceed your $175k kitchen remodel budget.

Your kitchen is a place to connect with family and friends and nourish everyone, so it’s close to your heart and you want it to be perfect.

So, how do we make that happen on your $175k kitchen remodel budget in 2024?

Let’s explore all the details in this post, using this approximately $175k kitchen as an example.

Completed 175k kitchen remodel photos

First, let’s take a look at an approximately $175k kitchen remodel photos, for one client so you can get a sense of what’s possible.

We’ll walk through what this client chose and why and refer back to this kitchen throughout the post.

Going with a design build company can help you reach your $175k kitchen remodel budget goal

Fortunately, getting value for your money is an advantage of working with a design-build firm like ours.

We can often help you build an ultra-expensive-looking kitchen for a bit less by educating you each step of the way on which choices are more budget-friendly.

At the same time, we know that some items are important enough for how you use the space to be splurge-worthy.

It’s all about balance in what can be the most important room of your home.

Weighing all the options to get to a 175k kitchen remodel

In this $175k kitchen remodel, we were able to help our clients attain a clean, bright white kitchen with colorful accents and polished brass fixtures, plenty of extra storage, and new flooring.

It’s not all about cost cutting

However, the sky was not the limit in this remodel – so how does it look so incredible? In part, it’s because we were able to help our clients make the right design decisions.

The point is not to make the absolute least expensive choice in every category but to figure out what’s important to you and be intentional about your choices.

Remodeling a kitchen requires hundreds of decisions and many of them have an impact on the bottom line.

Budgets are blown one decision at a time.

But, you can’t pick the most expensive product in every category!

It is easy to justify buying a better quality,  more attractive, and more expensive product, but in a kitchen remodel there is almost always something better and more attractive for every choice.

Figure out what matters functionally and then figure out the best choice for the money aesthetically, factor in the hidden costs of your choices, and you’ll have a beautiful and functional kitchen that you’ll love.

Save or splurge?

This post details the decisions that you’ll be making in your kitchen remodel. With every decision, we’ll explain how you can save money or splurge, based on your goals, budget, and unique needs.

Hidden costs

We’ll also help you understand how “simple” installations might not be so simple and why you can’t look at the costs of materials alone to know how it will affect your $175k kitchen remodel budget.

We get to know what you need

MSK strives to thoroughly understand how you want to use your kitchen. This helps us make cost-saving recommendations. We can suggest where to go all out, and where to cut back.

175k Large kitchen remodel budget with white and gray painted cabinets

Some disclaimers about the $175k pricing

We don’t include appliances in our pricing. They can range from $8-55k, so your choices for appliances can change the price significantly.

The insights we provide in this post are from us, an SF Bay Area design-build company that handles the entire remodel from start to finish.

If you don’t go with design-build, you’ll have to get pricing from both a designer, a contractor, vendors, and the building department. The decision you make might look very different under those circumstances (and might not necessarily save you as much money as you’d imagine).

Now, we take a deep dive into what went into making this $175k kitchen remodel a reality.

175k kitchen transitional kitchen remodel design melamine, slab front wood cabinets

Floor plan for a $175k kitchen remodel budget

First, we need to know where everything will be and how it relates to your existing layout.

Less expensive: using the floorplan you already have

Moderately expensive: using your floorplan but swapping out new appliances of different sizes or having different features (steam oven, icemaker) That’s what this client did!

This may sound simple, but there are still considerations with new appliances, like whether your current electrical, plumbing and ducting are sufficient to support the new appliances.

More expensive: adding larger appliances, adjusting the floor plan, moving certain functions, like your range hood. Changing the layout significantly, running gas or water to new areas, factors like a raised foundation or a concrete slab, and removing walls, or raising ceilings will have a significant impact on the cost of the remodel.

Example of how changing your floor plan can add to costs

Moving a range hood is a great example of a project that may sound simple, but rarely is.

You will need a new duct (unless it is recirculating, which is not a great option).

The new duct needs to exit the exterior wall and needs to be a minimum of three feet from doors and operable windows.

It will also need a new electrical connection, and will likely require a new penetration of the roof or exterior wall.

Is there framing in the way of the ducting, is there backing for the hood and the duct cover, is the ceiling flat and the wall plumb, is there adequate ceiling height for the hood and duct cover selected?

The bottom line is that the cost of the hood could be significantly less than the cost of correctly installing it.

Note: appliances are sourced and priced separately, but we need to know exactly what you’re going to buy so that we can integrate them into the design, both for space and for accommodating any changes like going from an electric to a gas stove.

175k kitchen remodel budget Eichler style Peninsula and Counter Seating


While we don’t include the cost of appliances in our design build budgets, we can help you understand how these decisions will contribute to your overall investment.

Here are some things to think about when choosing your appliances for your $175k kitchen remodel.

  • Built-in appliances. Do you want paneling or custom cabinets to hide appliances? Some homeowners want to hide their appliances in cabinets and that is a great look! See this gorgeous kitchen where we did a coffee and tea station or this one where we did a TV cabinet (first photo, second row of the gallery, it’s hard to spot!). Hiding appliances can be considerably more expensive since everything is done custom, down to the handles. To save, avoid door paneling on refrigerators, dishwashers, warming drawers, beverage centers, or custom-made cabinets to hide the small appliances. Many sleek and stylish appliances can look good in any kitchen. This client decided to go with paneling on their dishwasher and range hood only.
  • How will the appliances get installed? Not all appliances are plug-and-play. Sub-Zero or Wolf are both great brands that we use in many of our kitchens, and they require certified technicians to install them. Built-in integrated refrigerators can cost even more. Understand the differences between standard sizes and built-in and what is required for each before you decide.
  • Wall oven and cooktop vs. range. A wall oven and cooktop versus a freestanding range can add hundreds to thousands of dollars to the project. You would be buying and installing two appliances versus one. You would need cabinets for the cooktop and oven as well as additional countertop for the cooktop. You would also be running power to two appliances and two locations versus one.  Keep in mind that built-in appliances vary in size and that any replacement product will need to fit in the existing hole which can be a significant issue down the road.
  • Would you like the extra features? For example, do you need an ice maker or filtered water dispenser in the refrigerator door? While it’s a nice upgrade, it takes up more fridge space and adds to the expense of your renovation. Considering a steam over? Generally, you’ll need to have a water liner run, and possibly a drainage line. If you’re not going to use it regularly, it’s easy to save by passing on these relatively minor features (Though many of our clients swear by their steam ovens!) This client chose to go with both icemaker and filtered water.
175k Kitchen Remodel budget Taupe and White Kitchen Cabinets with island and wood floors

Cabinetry for a $175k kitchen remodel budget

Cabinets are where it’s easy to get really get carried away. In addition to gorgeous finishes that can be real focal points of your design, there are so many new and fun custom features that can make your life easier and keep you organized. Let’s consider the basic cabinet material choices and a few of the more popular custom add-on features that you’ll need to decide on to stay in your $175k kitchen remodel budget range.

  • Existing vs. new cabinets. Some clients choose to reface or repaint their cabinets. We have found that finding a company in our area to reface cabinets is very difficult, and can run in the $20k range. Painting cabinets is an option, but won’t have the longevity of a factory-grade cabinet paint.
  • Existing vs. new cabinet layout. This client chose to use their existing layout with a few minor changes, also a savings.
  • Cabinet brands. When choosing doors and drawers, this client chose Crystal Cabinets Encore, a frameless cabinetry line. Encore is more customizable,  offers numerous custom options in the line, and is more expensive. Crystal Current cabinets are a less expensive yet quality line, with fewer options available. It may serve just as well for your circumstance.
  • Cabinet materials. Natural wood cabinets can be a gorgeous choice and cost less than painted cabinets. We can make either of these look amazing in your design.
  • How much cabinetry? Pantries are usually a great choice, and people love them. They take a lot of cabinet material and are more expensive. If you’re going to splurge, you might splurge here. They’re functional and helpful. Nevertheless, they are an expensive piece of the puzzle, because they tend to be large. Consider keeping the pantry but omitting uppers in another part of the kitchen and using shelving instead.
  • Spice racks. Everybody loves a spice rack. It’s a great feeling to pull out that drawer or open that cabinet and be able to see all of your spices. That’s why this client chose to include one. You are more likely to use spices when you can see and easily reach them all.  But it is a requirement? Most people will never see inside your cabinets! You can purchase these aftermarket at the Container Store or on Amazon.
  • Paper towel holders. Built-in paper towel holders are convenient and look great. If you do not like clutter on your countertop and love to have everything put away, this may be the way to go. But is it a priority? You might spend hundreds on it when a simple countertop or under-cabinet dispenser will do. Plus, you need to consider what kind of paper towels you use and design your built-in for those. For example, you’ll need a larger built-in paper towel dispenser if you purchase larger than standard rolls (Costco, for example). This client went with a custom, built-in solution for their paper towels.
  • Lazy Susans. Lazy Susans and their sliding variations are popular cabinet upgrades. What do you plan on storing and how often do you use those items? Lazy Susan storage avoids blind corners and wasted storage space and is practical, but more expensive.
  • Drawer vs. doors. Drawers take more material to construct and require more hardware than doors. Our clients have found that drawers are more user-friendly than doors – but are they a priority for you?
175k Kitchen Remodel Walnut Creek Transitional style with a Wolf Range stainless appliances

Range hood for a $175k kitchen remodel budget

Range hoods and their surrounds can be real focal points of kitchens. Where is your focal point? Will it be your lighting, an appliance, an island or your backsplash? If it’s not the range hood, this is a place you we can design more simply and save.

  • Hoods range from simple undercabinet units, to chimney styles, to range hood liners that need to be adorned.
  • The undercabinet hood requires no additional materials and will be the most cost-effective way to go.
  • The canopy may require additional tile on the wall.
  • The hood liner requires custom cabinetry to hide it, which will be your most expensive option and that’s what this client chose.

Countertops for a $175k kitchen remodel budget

Your countertop choice can really impact your budget since color, material and fixture installations can all affect your final investment.

  • Basic quartz products. Brand-name quartz products, such as Cambria quartz, Caesarstone quartz, or Vadara quartz are some popular choices that look great. While they aren’t the lowest-priced options, they are appropriate for a $175k kitchen remodel budget. This client chose Cambria quartz countertops and they look beautiful.
  • Specialty products.  Quartzite, specialty granites, waterfall countertops and leathered or textured finishes are also in demand but can add significantly to the overall kitchen budget. Most people won’t be able to tell the difference when they look at it or interact with it, so consider if you want to pay more for it. Plus, quartzite and granite may require sealing to prevent staining, and quartz is no maintenance.
white farm sink and white cabinets in walnut creek, ca kitchen remodel

Plumbing fixtures for a 175k kitchen remodel budget

Like anything else, plumbing fixtures can range from simple to ultra luxury.

  • Farm sinks. This client chose a Rohl fireclay apron sink. Farm or apron sinks have been popular, but can add a lot to the cost. Both the sink itself and the installation are expensive. You also will lose space in your cabinet due to garbage disposal placement in a typical farm sink. It needs to be centered in the sink but the sink itself is located further forward on your counter than a regular sink; when you open your cabinet doors, you are looking directly at the garbage disposal. Make sure they’re a priority for you before choosing them. Again, materials matter. A clay-fired farm sink is not the most expensive, maybe around $1,400, but tends to crack. To avoid cracking, consider going with the more expensive porcelain (could be up to double the cost) if you choose a farm sink. These can be a great focal point of your kitchen.
  • Blanco Silgranit. They’re less expensive than farm sinks at $500-600 per sink, but can scratch under some conditions.
  • Go basic. If you are spending your money elsewhere in your kitchen and have another focal point, a basic stainless steel sink can work great! You can spend $700-800 by going with a brand like Blanco, or as little as $200 by going with a less well-known brand.
175k kitchen remodel budget metallic Subway Tile backsplash wood floor white gray cabinets

Backsplashes for a 175k kitchen remodel budget

If you’re going with a tile floor, you’ll make backsplash and flooring decisions simultaneously. Otherwise, you’ll make these decisions separately.

  • Save big by choosing ceramic or porcelain tiles.
  • Consider manufactured tiles over laser-cut. They’re more consistent in both color and shape and will help you save big.
  • This client chose ceramic manufactured tiles for savings.
  • Splurge by choosing glass or mosaic tile or running your countertop up the wall as a backsplash
175k kitchen remodel budget wood floors white cabinets subway backsplash

Flooring for a 175k kitchen remodel budget

Flooring can be a major expense and can also have a big impact on how you use and enjoy your kitchen.

  • Luxury vinyl planks (LVP). These are a great choice over wood flooring. LVP doesn’t dent, is moisture-resistant, and looks very real. It is one of the most economical choices you can make, and most people likely wouldn’t notice.
  • Tile. Tile is the next step up from LVP, but be careful. Style and size can impact the price. Smaller tiles are less expensive but often don’t look as good. 12×24 large format tiles, or 24×24 large format tiles, look amazing, but the materials are more expensive and are more expensive to install. The floor has to be perfectly flat for large format tile to work, and we’ve rarely met a local floor that is. To correct uneven floors, we often use self-leveling concrete, which takes extra time and money. Keep in mind that tile can be hard on your back, which makes it a questionable choice for a forever home. If you have kids, they can slip and fall and hurt themselves on tile, too, compared to wood or LVP.
  • Wood. Wood flooring is expensive. You can’t get it wet, which isn’t ideal for a kitchen. If you drop a can, you’ll dent it. Fortunately, you can get the same look for less with luxury vinyl planks (LVP), a newer solution to kitchen flooring! This kitchen has a beautiful laminate floor.
175k kitchen remodel with French Door Wall Oven stainless appliances peninsula

Lighting for a 175k kitchen remodel budget

Turning a special, custom light fixture into a focal point was the trend for a little while, and it can still be a fine artistic choice. In your lighting choices, consider both the design of the lighting and how it’s installed. Both will affect your cost.

  • The most budget-friendly option is to use your existing lighting. However, with CA codes constantly changing, this may not be an option. Most people go with recessed can lights.
  • If lighting will be the focal point, spend your money here and cut other places. Get the lamps hand-blown and custom designed. If it’s not the focal point, shop for lighting with budget in mind.
  • Surface lighting using slim flat LEDs mounted on the ceiling are a great solution instead of recessed can lights. These can save on the costs of demolition, sheetrock, tape and texture, priming, fixture costs, and potentially insulation.

What this homeowner chose in their approximately 175k kitchen remodel

Here’s a summary of what the homeowner chose for their kitchen remodel. Each of the more expensive design choices was very important to the homeowners and how they balanced them out with budget options. You can see how the family picked and chose from the available options to get the exact kitchen they wanted rather than go “all out” with every expensive design choice.


  • No changes to kitchen layout or the cabinet layout, except for adding pantries.
  • White tile backsplash, ceramic, manufactured.
  • Laminate flooring.
  • Kept existing windows.


  • Cambria quartz counter
  • Cabinet-panel upgrade on the dishwasher
  • Custom spice drawer
  • Built-in paper towel holder
  • The custom cabinetry for the hood with the stainless-steel insert
  • Custom cabinetry for the dishwasher
  • Custom cabinet for paper towel dispenser
  • Farm sink

Appliances (not included in the $175k kitchen remodel budget)

All of your appliances together can total approximately $8k to $55k.

This client chose one higher-end appliance, the Wolf range, and another with extra features – the refrigerator. This means their appliances ended up in the middle of the range. They chose:

  • KitchenAid refrigerator with filtered water and ice maker in the door.
  • Wolf Range
  • Bosch dishwasher
175k kitchen remodel budget gray cabinets manufactured tile backspash white quartz counter

How you could get a similar kitchen remodel for $175k including appliances

You could still have a similar kitchen for $175k including appliances if you made slightly different choices than this client.

If you kept the existing flooring, didn’t do the custom wood cabinetry on the hood (splurge choice that costs a few thousand dollars), and chose an 8k appliance package, the remodel cost would land somewhere around $175k total.

What matters to you in a kitchen remodel?

Consider what matters to you in a kitchen and thoughtfully select the best elements. Consider:

  • How you use the kitchen and how often.
  • Why you love certain elements and why you want them.
  • How long you’ll live in the house and who will live there with you.

It’s all worth thinking about because the kitchen is the heart of your home.

Ready to design your kitchen for $175k?

A newly remodeled kitchen does not require high-end everything.

A simple white kitchen can look amazing with the right cabinetry hardware, countertop, and backsplash and meet your $175k kitchen remodel budget.

Let’s talk about your options!

While we specialize in higher-end kitchens, we have created gorgeous $175k kitchens that look a lot more expensive — this is when the local starting point for high-end design build is $200k. If you have a smaller kitchen that you think might be a candidate, contact us for a free consultation!

Kat Mullen

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