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“I Want a Shower Wall Niche”

If you are thinking of adding a niche to your shower wall, what should you consider? Building a niche into an existing wall can be fairly simple or really hard.  A niche between wall studs can be simple.  Typically as a niche gets larger, it becomes more complicated.  Here are 7 things to consider (but… Read More »

An Award-Winning Open Plan Kitchen Remodel for $80- $100K

  We recently won the National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s 2017 Remmie award for kitchens $60,000 – $100,000! We thought it would be fun to walk you through the before and afters. The Kitchen Remodel Challenge Our European clients had just relocated back to the States and felt a major remodel was in order. This… Read More »

To Be or Not to Be: Hardwood Floors in Your Kitchen?

8 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Putting Hardwood In Your Kitchen   Hardwood flooring can be stunning in a kitchen, highlighting appliances and cabinetry, adding texture, movement and color. The variety of woods, colors, textures, grains, finishes, lengths, and cuts are just the start of the choices available. The temptation to use this material in the… Read More »

Universal Design and Aging in Place: Bathroom Grab Bars

While we’re only as young as we feel, and 50 is the new 30, thinking universal design before one actually needs it is a great idea. Universal design is a term that we hear often, yet what is universal design? Wikipedia states that universal design refers to broad-spectrum ideas meant to produce buildings, products and environments… Read More »

Purchasing cabinets is expensive, so making sure you are buying the cabinets that will match your storage and aesthetic needs is essential.  Not all cabinets provide the same amount of space, functionality and design appeal. Homeowners generally keep their cabinets for a minimum of 10 years, so it’s important to make an informed decision. Over… Read More »

Having Fun With An Eichler Open Plan Kitchen Remodel!

As a design build firm, we get to work on lots of cool projects. Every so often, we get an interesting and iconic home on which to work. This Walnut Creek, CA Eichler is a recent remodel that we completed and love the results! If you live in Northern California, you are probably familiar with Eichlers.… Read More »

Wagging Tails and Fresh Paint Don’t Mix: How To Keep Fido Safe During Your Remodel

Pets and jobsites are rarely compatible As a contractor, we have never lost or injured a client’s pet and hopefully we never will! Let’s talk about dogs: Like contractors, dogs love tools.  We’ve had a golden retriever eat a cell phone, run off with a hammer and energetically chew the handles of any tool he… Read More »

Has Your Home Had Shoddy Work Done In The Past?

The quickest way to discover shoddy workmanship is to be the general contractor remodeling a home.  Some clients know that their home has issues due to past craftsmanship lapses by others.  Some clients suspect that there are issues, but are unsure.  Recently, a client asked if we could help them with a small kitchen remodel.… Read More »

If you are like most people, a set of house plans is not something you care about.  House plans are filled with abbreviations and references that you don’t understand and that are difficult to interpret. Are your plans, torn, dusty and smudged? Space is usually limited and precious in a home and due to their… Read More »

A Kitchen Disaster or Why Design Build?

More often than you might think, we receive calls from distressed homeowners in the middle of their projects, looking for help.   It might be a do-it-yourselfer without the time to do it, a homeowner with a friend that was going to help but didn’t, a homeowner in a dispute with their contractor, a homeowner whose… Read More »