MSK is the place to go for kitchen remodels.

We worked with Kat, Suzy, and Chris on this kitchen remodel in Walnut Creek and very happy with the work. Kitchen designs can be stressful, but this experience was not stressful. They spent a lot of time helping us, and the communication was excellent. Thank you so much for the help. MSK is the place to go for kitchen remodels.

Charles Seidel, Walnut Creek, January 2024

Thank you MSK!

Green vanity and stand alone tub

After approaching several contractors and a couple of design/build firms about a home remodel project we’d been considering, we opted to work with Kat, Scott and the team at MSK Design Build. We made this decision because MSK immediately presented as the most organized and communicative outfit that we spoke with. After an approximately six month project, we’re very pleased that we picked MSK as their attention, patience and communication never waivered despite the occasional hiccup.

We engaged MSK to help us increase the footprint of our home by approximately 200 sq ft, convert an old en suite bathroom into a ‘Jack and Jill’ shared bathroom for our kids and completely replace the primary bathroom and closet. Even though we had a general idea of what we wanted to accomplish with the project, we were uncertain how the space should be laid out or how it would ultimately function. Thankfully, MSK’s designer Suzy was very helpful and easy to work with as we developed and refined plans for the project. Because we wanted to consider a variety of possibilities, this process went through many phases but no one at MSK rushed us or requested additional funds for the time involved.

After we’d landed on a design that we were comfortable with, Scott and his team took over to actually complete the work. Our initial meeting with the team of professionals that MSK has on staff to actually build stuff was well organized and very professional. While some of the more technical aspects of the jobsite weren’t immediately a priority for us, it was super helpful and comforting to have MSK directly address matters as mundane as where a porta potty would be located to the dynamics of subbing some of the work out to outside craftsmen.

On a couple of occasions, our project got delayed by some severe weather and COVID but MSK always kept us informed about the situations and pushed to get back to work as soon as possible. During one particularly intense winter storm, some tarps were blown loose from the exterior of the work site and we had to call our Project Manager, Curt, on a Saturday morning to ask for help. Curt didn’t hesitate to get the Lead Carpenter, Jason, and his associate extraordinaire, Jose, over to our place. Within an hour everything was buttoned up tight despite the howling wind and sideways rain.

Eventually we did have an issue with some of the tilework performed by MSK’s sub and we had to pump the brakes on the project to get the issue resolved. It was a stressful time for us because we knew it wasn’t gonna be an easy fix on a technical level. But Kat, Scott and Suzy were quick to schedule an onsite meeting with us to get to the bottom of the matter. After hearing concerns and considering potential remedies Kat and Scott very matter of factly told us, ‘If you’re not happy, it’s unacceptable and we’re gonna make it right.’ And that is exactly what they did. We agreed on a plan to address and resolve the tile problems and MSK got it done with out protest or drama.

I also want to make clear that outside of the tile sub issues, the work that MSK did was of a very high quality and now (approximately 6 months after the completion of our project) we’re using completely hassle-free spaces that we love. The design that Suzy created for us flows well and makes excellent use of the space we had to work with. We’re so appreciative of the care and attention MSK paid to us throughout our project and would certainly encourage anyone considering a home remodel project to contact Kat. They may not provide the lowest price at the onset of a project but they stuck to our budget and the professionalism was well worth every penny we spent.

In addition to the folks mentioned previously, we want to make a point of acknowledging and expressing gratitude to Shawn (MSK’s Painter), Alvaro (second Lead Carpenter) and Miro (one of MSK’s Plumbers) who were simply wonderful to work with.

Thank you MSK!

Eric Wight, August 2023

They are a professionally run company with outstanding staff and ownership.

We are a family that loves to cook together. Our existing kitchen, while a large room, was more like a galley and the bottlenecks when we were all cooking together were a nightmare. For over 20 years, we struggled with the flow and workspaces, constantly running into each other. We finally had enough and pulled the plug on a new, much more functional kitchen. We chose MSK as our partner in this endeavor. We were about to do the largest and most expensive renovation we’d ever done, and we wanted it done right… from design to completion. MSK did not disappoint. They are a professionally run company with outstanding staff and ownership. We’d heard nightmares about kitchen renovations going well beyond the due date, with out-of-control costs, so we were cautious and checked MSK’s references. To say the least, the reviews were glowing; on time and on budget. We worked with our designer Kelly, for an entire year honing the design (that year is on me as I couldn’t make up my mind on so many things). Kelly’s insight, patience, and guidance helped me navigate so many choices. We were assigned a project manager, Curt, to keep us on track and a lead carpenter, Jason, to be a daily presence on site. From day 1 of construction, Jason was with us every step of the way. The walls came down and the kitchen torn out starting on July 5th, 2023. We were scheduled to be finished in 12 weeks. MSK came in on budget and delivered our finished kitchen early, at just over 11 weeks. Our kitchen is beautiful but more than that, it is functional. If I had to do it all over again, I would pick MSK.

Linda Casey, July 2023

The rest of this story is almost too good to be true.

Small blue white kitchen remodel with peninsula seating lvp floor blue accent wall

Our MSK Design Build Experience

In late 2022, we decided we needed help updating a 1974 build that we had just moved into but didn’t have the budget to do a total remodel or the ability to live elsewhere during the work. Also, we were new to the area and needed help with recommendations for purchases and choices like appliances, backsplash, counters, flooring, windows, etc. We needed to hire a company we could trust from top to bottom. We met with several companies. Only one had the depth and gave us the comfort level we sought, and later lived up to it: MSK Design Build.

Here’s what we experienced:

Our initial impression of MSK Design Build was that it is a 20+ year old, carefully assembled business and team the heart of which is its employees. The team had competence, confidence, talent, creativity, and empathy for their clients. What a package!

MSK communicated well and completely. They were patient, methodical and considerate during the design process. They listened well and were respectful of our input. The construction project management tool, CoConstruct, enabled us to keep track of all aspects of the remodel.

Budget and financial matters were handled with sensitivity, accuracy and thrift.

Work was scheduled with concern for our needs and comfort. A temporary kitchen was set up in our living room and the kitchen worksite was completely sealed off. There was someone at the house working every day and the work site was kept clean and neat. Care was taken to ensure our kitty was kept out of harm’s way.

MSK knew how to work around supply chain challenges.

They understood how to work with permitting authorities so that there were no delays.

MSK’s mantra was “If you’re not happy with something, we’ll make it right.”

The rest of this story is almost too good to be true. MSK finished the project early. We have an absolutely beautiful, completely new kitchen with plenty of storage. A wall was removed, windows modified and ceiling raised to give us an open concept kitchen, dining and entertaining area. We have great looking LVP floors throughout our home, and all new windows and sliders. We love it all.

We actually had fun working with MSK. Who says that? We learned a lot from them. We enjoyed the whole team and trusted every one of them. Who says that?

Our salute to the whole MSK Design Build team

Marjorie Goldberg, Walnut Creek, July 2023

In a nutshell, MSK Design and Build is an impressive company!!!

I have been meaning to write this review for MSK Design and Build for some time; especially if you are looking for a full design and build company.

In a nutshell, MSK Design and Build is an impressive company!!!

Everyone at MSK was so respectful of our home, property, and most importantly our pets. A truly professional all-inclusive design and build company.

Leadership, Scott and Kat: Scott personally inspected our home to make sure proposed changes were correct and gave us difficult news when it was not. Kat, what a special lady. Gave sound professional advice throughout the entire year long experience. She really knows her stuff and the business, and I never felt as if my construction business ignorance was being taken advantage of. Bottom line, trust Kat and Scott!! You won’t go wrong.

Design, Linda Bryant: What a gracious and thoughtful person. She genuinely took the time to understand what we wanted And more importantly, she cautioned us on what would not work and why. BTW: She has great taste. Trust her when she recommends.
Project Management, Curt Roth: Curt was excellent in managing a timely project and keeping us informed. He was very thoughtful in closing on action items, or details.

Site Lead, Jason Owens: Man, he is really good at putting it all together. I wish I had a quarter of his skill set. The house looks so professionally done. I mean all the handles in the kitchen line up perfectly, it looks awesome!!
Plumbing, Jorge Martinez and Miro Mihalev: You know, plumbing is something I can never get right. No matter what I do, something leaks. Thank goodness MSK had the A team work on our house. Pipes and the water heater moved, and laundry equipment was relocated. All seamlessly and professionally done.

Painting, Shawn Mapes, and Clinton Van Name: You know there is nothing like having your home professionally painted inside and out. The house really pops wherever you stand, and the paint looks rich and luxurious. Lastly, their prep work was first rate, from stucco cracks to window treatments.

Framing and Finishing work: Jose Saucedo, Alvaro Alas and Jose Mariscal: These guys made some of the perplexing little things seem easy, and in the end really made the small things perfect. A pocket door we had installed was a perfect example. The attention to detail by these gentlemen, and MSK mgmt., makes that door work perfectly

One additional note that I found refreshing was the relationship MSK has with their subcontractors. MSK worked closely with all their subcontractors, which met that it did not fall on us to anyway manage. I have heard horror stories about subcontractors being slow, late, or poor workmanship. Not one of the subcontractors exhibited any of that

Summary: You can’t go wrong with MSK. Are they cheapest? No. Are they the most expensive? No. Are they the most professional, respectful, timely, highest quality contractor? I think so. Can’t wait for phase B.

Michael Call, September 2023

I recommend them, and would work with them again in a heartbeat!

We downsized from a home in the Oakland Hills that we loved to a condo at Rossmoor with a great view and, diplomatically, a very dated interior. Our contractor of 30 years had retired, and we felt a lot of hesitation regarding who could take on this project. That’s when we discovered MSK Design Build. After almost a year of plans, design and work, they’ve given us a home we love and taken us from the funky 70’s to the 21st century with grace and style.

And I can’t emphasize how great they are to work with. They truly listen to their clients needs, desires and budgets and we were kept on point throughout our project on changing needs (who could have guessed our original bathroom plumbing was embedded in concrete!). A structural change in moving a wall to enclose an open bathroom sink was genius, making an ensuite out of a funky setup. Our kitchen was transformed from not up to code to a modern, sleek design. I once again have the chef’s kitchen I regretfully left behind in Oakland. Only better!

Their designer made the process of choosing all that we needed in terms of paint color, tiles, lighting, finishes and cabinetry so much easier. They work with great suppliers and it saved hours in selection, always with top notch products.

And our site was not an easy one; we only had an exterior deck to work from and parking at Rossmoor is at best, challenging. Plus, we were there the entire time. But they handled it all with grace and good humor. We love our new place, and we are very grateful to everyone at MSK for it’s transformation.

Ultimately, it’s about the people, and they’ve been professional, skilled and of good humor throughout it all. I recommend them, and would work with them again in a heartbeat. If you are looking for value for your dollar, and people you can trust, and a finished product you can be proud of, look no further.

Deborah, Rossmoor, August 2023

We would recommend MSK hands down.

Chevron glass mosaic backsplash

A hundred KUDOS for MSK Design Build who just completed our kitchen remodel. Kelly and I worked great together to fine-tune the design, focusing on both function and beauty. We tore the existing kitchen down to the studs and replaced everything. Chuck, the onsite construction lead, was on top of every detail. The form, fit and function came out perfect. Every time we come into the kitchen, we get a smile on our face. Thank you to Kelly, Chuck, Curt, Kat, Scott and the entire team for a job well done. We would recommend MSK hands down.

Susan Stolz, Walnut Creek, November 2022

MSK takes care of you from A to Z

This was our second time using MSK. The minute we went into escrow, I called them to get our project going. I can’t say enough about how well they managed both of our remodels. MSK takes care of you from A to Z and is always available. Our designer Karen was very thorough and took our project in stride as we continued to add to it. Al, our lead carpenter, was professional and reliable. The staff and subs were excellent. MSK stuck to their timeline and managed the whole process really well. We are thrilled with the result and so happy in our new space.

Maggie Loomis, Walnut Creek, November 2022

They were exceptional in the build quality!

Can’t say enough great things about MSK Design-Build! We moved to Walnut Creek in the summer of 2021 and bought in a hot market. Needed a remodel and our realtor recommended a design-build firm. I researched online and narrowed it down to 3 East Bay companies. I interviewed each and was blown away by MSK. We had a lovely designer, they worked with us on budget and they were exceptional in the build quality – not to mention cleanliness. We lived in the home during the remodel so we’re breaking it into phases. Very excited about how it all turned out. Phase 1 was mechanical as everything in the house was outdated, plus a bathroom remodel and other things like doors, paint, etc. Can’t recommend MSK enough!

Andy Noye, Walnut Creek, October 2022

We would highly recommend working with MSK!

We would highly recommend working with MSK Design Build on any home remodel project. We selected MSK to remodel our kitchen after interviewing several firms. From our initial meeting to project closeout, MSK was great to work with. Owners Scott and Kat, designer Kelly, and lead carpenter Joe were all professional, highly skilled, and hard-working. At every phase of the project, the team was quickly responsive to questions and requests. The online platform Co-Construct kept us aware of every aspect of the project and the day-to-day schedule. Co-Construct provided very easy communication between us and the MSK team and allowed us to continue working and traveling throughout the project.

It was a pleasure to work with the team on the design. Kelly and Scott provided several layout options for enlarging our kitchen and adding access to outside. Kelly quickly learned our style and provided great options we had not considered, all while keeping our budget in mind.

During the construction phase, Joe did an amazing job minimizing the impact on our lives. The site was left clean every day. He was always available to discuss what was being done and the next steps. He was hard-working, friendly and on top of every detail. Our black lab misses watching Joe and his team work!

We love the new kitchen and would definitely use MSK for our next home remodel project!

Patricia Thomas, Danville, February 2022

This team in particular does a really good job with communication

Anne Foley, Concord, CA, March 2022

We had such a good experience!

Earlier this year we worked with MSK on getting our Kitchen, Living Space, and Bathroom remodeled. Going into this process we knew absolutely nothing about all the steps involved with a project like this. One of the reasons we went with MSK is because they are a one stop shop from design to completion. They worked with us throughout the entire process from ideation, design, permitting, material acquisition, demolition, construction to finishing touches.

Starting with ideation and design with Kelly, she was able to take our ideas and turn them into reality. We relied heavily on her expertise and feedback when it came to the layout of our kitchen and she made it very easy for us to pick tiles, countertops, cabinets, lighting etc. When we decided to change things or ad something new (like a fireplace half way through the design process) Kelly always rolled with it and provided input and updated designs.

Prior to demolition, MSK made sure we had a makeshift kitchen and set up plastic sheeting to protect the remainder of our home from dust. When we ran into unexpected problems they worked with us to come up with appropriate solutions quickly and efficiently. They met all of our special requirements like fully smart home compatible and RGB accent lighting.

We started this remodel in March 2021 and it was completed by the end of June. Both my partner and I were working from home, with one child remote learning with COVID looming around us. MSK was very considerate during this situation, keeping the noise down (aside from construction) and following COVID protocols.

We had such a good experience that we are currently working with them on our next project.

Daniel Baulig, Walnut Creek, October 2021

A great experience with MSK Design Build

We’re happy to report that we had a great experience with MSK Design Build. The MSK team remodeled our guest bathroom. Throughout the process, it was an excellent experience, as they designed our new bathroom, worked with us to select all tile, fixtures, lighting, etc., do demo, and then complete the build. Along the way, we encountered several obstacles, but the MSK team was very responsive and quick to develop viable solutions. We would definitely work with them again.

Kirsten & Wally Young, Concord, October 2021

The team did fantastic work from design through the final touches.

white kitchen remodel with double ovens and cooktop wood floors

We hired MSK to remodel the kitchen, living room, and primary bathroom of our house in Moraga. They did an amazing job! Scott and Kat could not be kinder or more professional, and Suzy, Curt, Joe, and the rest of the team did fantastic work from design through the final touches. MSK accommodated a substantial scope expansion midway through the project and still finished the work by our deadline. The renovation transformed our house for the better in ways we could scarcely have imagined. You will not find a better team in this business!

Peter Roady, Moraga, August 2021

The entire experience from start to finish was incredibly clean!

Sarah McPeake, Walnut Creek, August 2021

Once the project started we were so relaxed!

Sarah McPeake, Walnut Creek, August 2021 (part 2)

They are professional, punctual, skilled, have a great sense of design, and they are just nice.

Contemporary Walnut Creek Kitchen Slab Cabinets gray island with tan bar height chair seating for 4 people

We have worked with a lot of contractors through the years, and MSK is the only one that we have called back to do not only a second job, but a third and a fourth, and that says so much about the kind of business that they run. They are professional, punctual, skilled, have a great sense of design, and they are just nice. They provide an outlined and impeccably detailed budget and schedule and are very clear about when a decision or request will add to that budget, so there are never any surprises. They turned our funky 1950’s cottage into an award winning showpiece that not only looks great, but feels great to live in. I could not recommend them more highly.

Nic Taylor, Walnut Creek, CA, March 2020

Just amazing and meticulous with their work!

kitchen with royal blue island with overhang black chair seating for 2 on both sides of island walnut creek ca

MSK Design Build was incredible when we remodeled our kitchen and family room. Our designer had great suggestions and worked with us to get just the look we were after. The build team were just amazing and meticulous with their work. They were always available for our many questions. Every night clean up was wonderful and their subs were also excellent. Their attention to detail during the build and their follow up to correct any items was prompt. We would not hesitate to use their services again.

Judy and Bob Wilkenfeld, Walnut Creek, CA, October 2020

I had the best experience! I had a lot fun!

Amy Beno, Alamo, CA, April 13, 2020

I would highly recommend MSK Design Build!!!

Black Cabinets with Touch Latch Hardware - Kitchen Remodel san ramon

I would highly recommend MSK Design Build!!!

We had been contemplating a kitchen remodel for years and finally went through with it. We had a very distinct, modern look we were trying to achieve and felt MSK was the team that would be able to do it for us.

We had quite a few friends go through a remodel in the past few years and heard all the crazy stories of trying to get multiple contractors, designers, architects, etc. to get on the same page. The beauty of MSK is that they’re a design-build firm and take responsibility for everything from design to execution. They even follow up every few months after completion to make sure we’re pleased with the outcome.

We chose MSK because we felt they were honest, forthcoming people. And we were right! They kept us up to speed on anything that varied from the detailed plan they had set forth from the beginning. They use a platform called Co-Construct that keeps everyone up to date on what’s happening and allows for extremely easy communication between client and builder. That was extremely important to us since our hours aren’t always conducive to playing phone tag throughout the day.

The team at MSK was amazing! Our designer, Suzie, helped us go from everything we had seen in magazines and online to putting together a well thought out design to help match aesthetic to function. The team that came in everyday were fantastic as well. We can’t say enough great things about our lead, Joe. He was always very communicative with us about what was done that day, what needed to be done and what the next step was going to be. The team that came in were always very professional, courteous and punctual.

They definitely stand behind their work. We are a few months out from completion and I can still send them a message if something isn’t working to spec or if there are adjustments needed. They respond right away and get someone out here as soon as they can to fix it without me having to constantly remind them. Amazing!

We love our new kitchen and family room! I would recommend no one else but MSK if you’re planning a project!!

Ketul Joshi, San Ramon, CA August 2019

They wanted to make it our home for us, and that made it really really special!

Amy Buta, Danville, CA, October 2017

I love everyone in the company - even the cameraman!

Brenda Hill, Walnut Creek, CA, March 2019

As painless as a kitchen remodel can be!

Pam Klinger, Walnut Creek, CA, March 2019

Our project was done on time, within budget, but most importantly transformed our home into a place that we love!

walnut creek kitchen remodel white cabinets

We wanted to thank the MSK Design Build Team for all of their hard work and dedication into making our dream home into a reality! We couldn’t be happier with our new beautiful kitchen, primary bathroom, and stunning wood floors as well as all of the other details that you all worked so hard on! You provided us with the expertise in design, planning, and execution we were looking for. We enjoyed working with your talented design team of Kelly and Carol who walked us through every design choice and made what seemed like a daunting process so easy! We also wanted to thank Curt, Chuck, Gary, Sean, George, Ron and Jim for all of their outstanding hard work, attention to detail, and craftsmanship! We enjoyed using your online project management tool Co-Construct, which always kept us informed of all of our design choices and the progress of our remodel. Our project was done on time, within budget, but most importantly, transformed our home into a place that we love and will enjoy for many years to come! Thank you all so much again and we are already looking forward to working you on our next project!

G. & D. Yamamoto, Walnut Creek, CA, January 2015

The final product is everything and more than we had ever envisioned!

kitchen remodel with eat in kitchen and island

Buying a home that needed major work, and doing so just before leaving the country for 4 months, seemed like an impossible task! But we also thought it would be great to have all the work done by the time we returned…so we set about finding a firm that could provide us with the design and build combination AND who could do it within our travel’s timeframe. With just a month before our departure, we found MSK Design Build on the Internet as a Diamond Certified 5 Star firm in Walnut Creek who was willing to talk with us! Given our tight schedule and concerned with structural issues, the owner Scott Westby came to the house and brought his designer, Linda Bryant. Together we not only determined that the kitchen and bar remodel was doable (we had post tension concrete flooring) but that they could get it done while we were out of the country.

With the turnaround time from design to build extremely short, Linda had already prepared an initial design (having been given a basic floor plan of the existing kitchen) by the time she and Scott first met us at the house. Her ideas were perfect for what we had envisioned; and she and I just plain hit it off personality wise…so we were off to the races. Within just one month, Linda and I, working with my wall color and flooring sample, had picked out all the countertops, cabinetry, appliances, plumbing fixtures. All the while Linda was working to finalize the details of the design. We worked very closely together, with Linda guiding me every step of the way, until we had successfully made all the necessary decisions. Working with Linda was a total joy! She led the way, asking me to focus on one selection at a time; so that each determination built on the last choice made, which was needed before the next one was required. All I needed to do was to make myself available so as to stay on schedule! Linda’s organization not only made the process doable, but she also made it loads of fun! And the final product is everything and more than we had ever envisioned! As I now work in the kitchen, I am still amazed at some of the small things Linda added into the design that have made my working in the kitchen extremely gratifying.

Curt Roth, the foreman on the job, was not only delightful to work with, but was very responsive to our texts or emails as he proceeded through the three month build. Any question we had he answered completely and in a very timely manner. We felt he was always on top of things while keeping the job on schedule; such that, when we returned, the kitchen was done as promised!

Hilde and Terry Clark, Lafayette, CA, April 2017

We are now the happy owners of a marvelous new kitchen - we highly recommend MSK Design Build!

lafayette, CA transitional kitchen remodel with white desk

It was a pleasure to work with a contractor who begins the process and completes the project with no complications or negatives. We had just that kind of perfect experience beginning construction in April and completing our new kitchen at the end of May, 2016.

Our designer, Linda, set the tone by being a great listener and then offering suggestions, most of which we implemented in the design. The next step, meeting with Kat and Scott, made it clear that the process would have open communication, clearly defined scheduling, a professional crew headed by the project manager, Curt, and the neatest and cleanest worksite ever imagined.

We are now the happy owners of a marvelous new kitchen. The problems that inevitably arose were resolved quickly, keeping us on schedule. We are proud that we picked the best contractor possible. We highly recommend MSK Design Build.

Ken Haley and Barbara Blum, Walnut Creek, CA, May 2016

They holistically cared for the house; it was a wonderful experience!

Robyn Canevascini, Clayton, CA, April 2019

Thank you for delivering such a wonderful experience!

Once the inspector gave the final approval on our project yesterday, we decided it would be only fair to share the particulars of our exceptionally positive experience with MSK Design Build.

This has been one of the more complicated projects we have commissioned in more than 40 years of home ownership. It included an addition to the house for a primary bathroom, construction of a new roofline over the primary suite and kitchen, demolition of a fireplace, replacement and relocation of heating and hot water appliances, as well as the creation of an in-home washer and dryer facility. Everything was designed and executed with rigorous attention to detail, maintenance of a clean work site, and careful (and timely) collaboration with us, the homeowners, concerning every aspect of the project. Each of your skilled employees and subcontractors delivered high quality work at every step. All of them were friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to please us.

The county inspector who came to the house for the final inspection remarked that the addition to our 60 year old home was so consistent with the design and style of the original structure that she couldn’t tell the new from the old. She was very impressed. We see that as an exceptional compliment coming from someone who has undoubtedly seen hundreds of home additions. (By the way, we agree with her)

Finally, every step of the project was completed on a timely basis, beginning with the design and continuing through permitting, demolition, construction, and finish work. Total time to project completion greatly exceeded our expectations.

Thank you for delivering such a wonderful experience. Please share our thoughts with everyone who contributed. See you again next year for the big kitchen project!

Steve & Donna Wood, Lafayette, CA, May 2016

About the Design & Pricing processes with MSK Design Build

John Malkovich, Walnut Creek, CA, November 2015

We would wholeheartedly recommend MSK for any home construction project. 

MSK Design projected a 12-week construction window. This seemed to us on the long side for an overall simple remodel (new cabinets, appliances, some minor wall modifications, but no major plumbing, gas or structural changes) but we could see progress daily and at the end, they were done 2 weeks ahead of their estimate. One glitch (which MSK actually called our attention to and quickly remedied) that added a week or two to the job was having to remove and replace the countertops because of a mix-up in materials.
After what proved to be a smooth construction process it was so exciting to see the dust barriers come down and have the final clean-up! It’s been about two months since the job finished and we love our new kitchen! The materials and design really suit our home and we now have a nice flow between our dining room and kitchen. We happened to see some of our “Before” pictures recently and were amazed at the transformation. When we had our final walk-through with Kat Mullen, one of the owners, and Suzy, our designer, they surprised us with some very thoughtful gifts which confirmed our original feeling that MSK pays attention to detail since the gifts were very much suited to us and to our kitchen. We would wholeheartedly recommend MSK for any home construction project.

M. Sayles, Walnut Creek, CA, May 2018

We love our new kitchen!

living room remodel

Like most consumers, we interviewed several potential contractors prior to choosing MSK Design. MSK stood out because of their thoughtfulness and attention to detail. We asked a lot of questions of the various businesses in the months prior to making a final decision to remodel our kitchen and in selecting a team. Unlike some other companies, MSK Design was responsive to all our questions and very understanding and supportive throughout. MSK then came to our home and on day one helped us create a vision.

Everyone says remodeling is extremely stressful, but we felt at ease once we saw the team in action. The MSK construction crew was friendly, respected our property, did a great job with the dust barriers and the protection of other rooms. They cleaned up well every day. They did not cut corners and, when we came home every evening, it was reassuring to see everything done appropriately. If we did see something of concern, it was typically minor, such as a nail left unset, for example. All of these issues were resolved quickly. This kudos also applies to the subcontractors, including the tile and floor contractor and the electrician.

MSK also had a great online program for communication between the clients and contractors. This program included the construction timeline which was updated as needed to reflect changes in the schedule. It was very helpful to one’s peace of mind to know what was happening and when, and we could review everything on our own time after work. We also appreciated the handout MSK gave us at the beginning with everyone’s photograph and name so we could recognize the carpenter or plumber or other workers arriving in the morning before we left for work.

MSK Design projected a 12-week construction window. This seemed to us on the long side for an overall simple remodel (new cabinets, appliances, some minor wall modifications, but no major plumbing, gas or structural changes) but we could see progress daily and at the end, they were done 2 weeks ahead of their estimate. One glitch (which MSK actually called our attention to and quickly remedied) that added a week or two to the job was having to remove and replace the countertops because of a mix-up in materials.

After what proved to be a smooth construction process it was so exciting to see the dust barriers come down and have the final clean-up! It’s been about two months since the job finished and we love our new kitchen! The materials and design really suit our home and we now have a nice flow between our dining room and kitchen. We happened to see some of our “Before” pictures recently and were amazed at the transformation. When we had our final walk-through with Kat Mullen, one of the owners, and Suzy, our designer, they surprised us with some very thoughtful gifts which confirmed our original feeling that MSK pays attention to detail since the gifts were very much suited to us and to our kitchen. We would wholeheartedly recommend MSK for any home construction project.

Manisha Ojha and Chris Forrest, Martinez, CA, September 2017

The whole process was collaborative and satisfying.

We are very happy with the renovations that your team planned, designed and implemented. The new kitchen, den, and bathrooms made an old house into much more of the home that we wanted. You changed our house from a dated tract structure into a comfortable custom residence. The crew was very polite and professional with excellent supervision. My wife felt comfortable when they were around and free to ask questions. Your team was helpful in doing those small details that added convenience to the living areas. The whole process was collaborative and satisfying.

Nancy & Pat Ireland, Walnut Creek, CA, December 2014

We are thrilled with our updated remodeled home!

We are thrilled with our updated remodeled home! The crew were on time, and left the premises clean at the end of each day. Scott’s overall design was better than we had anticipated. We enjoyed the added bonus of working with designer, Suzy Bauer who helped us through all the decision details. Additionally Kat was there with answers to all our questions. We are very happy with the finished project!

Olivia Moore-Jones, Walnut Creek, CA, May 2016

I felt like the design was tailored to us!

I loved working with this company start to finish. I felt like the design was tailored to us and at every decision we had the professional insights we needed to make the right selections – aesthetically, budget wise and functionally. I will hire this company to work with again for any future remodel projects.

Kelley Lotosky, Walnut Creek, CA, September 2016

We were given a timeline and they beat it!

Demolished, enlarged, and completely remodeled our kitchen. Huge project. We were given a timeline and they beat it. 14 Weeks. They were there everyday except one. (I was grateful for the peace.) Their computer program, Co-construct, allowed instant communication and a complete record of communications. Their designer was invaluable. The workers were competent, skilled, kind, respectful, happy, clean, and cleaned up their mess as they went. They considered our every concern, were always available, and I consider their whole team partners in our happy home. I cannot say enough good things about MSK Design Build.

Karen Najarian, Martinez, CA, June 2015

Why the Design Build process?

John Malkovich, Walnut Creek, CA, November 2015