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We love our new kitchen!
Like most consumers, we interviewed several potential contractors prior to choosing MSK Design. MSK stood out because of their thoughtfulness and attention to detail. We asked a lot of questions of the various businesses in the months prior to making a final decision to remodel our kitchen and in selecting a team. Unlike some other companies, MSK Design was responsive to all our questions and very understanding and supportive throughout. MSK then came to our home and on day one helped us create a vision.

Everyone says remodeling is extremely stressful, but we felt at ease once we saw the team in action. The MSK construction crew was friendly, respected our property, did a great job with the dust barriers and the protection of other rooms. They cleaned up well every day. They did not cut corners and, when we came home every evening, it was a reassuring to see everything done appropriately. If we did see something of concern, it was typically minor, such as a nail left unset, for example. All of these issues were resolved quickly. This kudos also applies to the subcontractors, including the tile and floor contractor and the electrician.

MSK also had a great online program for communication between the clients and contractors. This program included the construction timeline which was updated as needed to reflect changes in the schedule. It was very helpful to one's peace of mind to know what was happening and when, and we could review everything on our own time after work. We also appreciated the handout MSK gave us at the beginning with everyone's photograph and name so we could recognize the carpenter or plumber or other workers arriving in the morning before we left for work.
MSK Design projected a 12 week construction window. This seemed to us on the long side for an overall simple remodel (new cabinets, appliances, some minor wall modifications, but no major plumbing, gas or structural changes) but we could see progress daily and at the end, they were done 2 weeks ahead of their estimate. One glitch (which MSK actually called our attention to and quickly remedied) that added a week or two to the job was having to remove and replace the countertops because of a mix-up in materials.
After what proved to be a smooth construction process it was so exciting to see the dust barriers come down and have the final clean-up! It's been about two months since the job finished and we love our new kitchen! The materials and design really suit our home and we now have a nice flow between our dining room and kitchen. We happened to see some of our "Before" pictures recently and were amazed at the transformation. When we had our final walk-through with Kat Mullen, one of the owners, and Suzy, our designer, they surprised us with some very thoughtful gifts which confirmed our original feeling that MSK pays attention to detail since the gifts were very much suited to us and to our kitchen. We would wholeheartedly recommend MSK for any home construction project.

—Manisha Ojha and Chris Forrest, Martinez, CA July, 2017

We remodeled our manor in Rossmoor and we are so glad that we were able to work with MSK. Linda B. worked with us on the design and she is absolutely the best! She kept the remodel within our budget and helped us create a beautiful living space. Linda paid attention to details that we did not even consider. We were not living close by during the remodel, and Linda checked the work for us and gave us updates and photographs on the progress. Throughout the entire process Scott, Kat, Curt, and Linda were friendly and professional. They responded immediately and efficiently to all of our concerns. The subcontractors--e.g.,
painter and electrician--exhibited pride in their work and were always courteous. I highly recommend using MSK for any remodel of your home if you want people you can trust, people who really care about the work product, and people who do a great job.

—M. Sayles, Walnut Creek, CA May, 2017

It was a pleasure to work with a contractor who begins the process and
completes the project with no complications or negatives. We had just that kind of perfect experience beginning construction in April and completing our new kitchen at the end of May, 2016.

Our designer, Linda, set the tone by being a great listener and then
offering suggestions, most of which we implemented in the design. The next
step, meeting with Kat and Scott, made it clear that the process would have
open communication, clearly defined scheduling, a professional crew headed
by the project manager, Curt, and the neatest and cleanest worksite ever

We are now the happy owners of a marvelous new kitchen. The problems
that inevitably arose were resolved quickly, keeping us on schedule. We are
proud that we picked the best contractor possible. We highly recommend MSK
Design Build.

—Ken Haley and Barbara Blum, June 2016

We are thrilled with our updated remodeled home! The crew were on time, and left the premises clean at the end of each day. Scott's overall design was better than we had anticipated. We enjoyed the added bonus of working with designer, Suzy Bauer who helped us through all the decision details. Additionally Kat was there with answers to all our questions. We are very happy with the finished project!

—Olivia Moore-Jones, Walnut Creek, CA October 2016

I loved working with this company start to finish. I felt like the design was tailored to us and at every decision we had the professional insights we needed to make the right selections - aesthetically, budget wise and functionally. I will hire this company to work with again for any future remodel projects.

—Kelley Lotosky, Walnut Creek, September 2016

Buying a home that needed major work, and doing so just before leaving the country for 4 months, seemed like an impossible task! But we also thought it would be great to have all the work done by the time we we set about finding a firm that could provide us with the design and build combination AND who could do it within our travel’s timeframe. With just a month before our departure, we found MSK Design Build on the Internet as a Diamond Certified 5 Star firm in Walnut Creek who was willing to talk with us! Given our tight schedule and concerned with structural issues, the owner Scott Westby came to the house and brought his designer, Linda Bryant. Together we not only determined that the kitchen and bar remodel was doable (we had post tension concrete flooring) but that they could get it done while we were out of the country.

With the turnaround time from design to build extremely short, Linda had already prepared an initial design (having been given a basic floor plan of the existing kitchen) by the time she and Scott first met us at the house. Her ideas were perfect for what we had envisioned; and she and I just plain hit it off personality we were off to the races. Within just one month, Linda and I, working with my wall color and flooring sample, had picked out all the countertops, cabinetry, appliances, plumbing fixtures. All the while Linda was working to finalize the details of the design. We worked very closely together, with Linda guiding me every step of the way, until we had successfully made all the necessary decisions. Working with Linda was a total joy! She led the way, asking me to focus on one selection at a time; so that each determination built on the last choice made, which was needed before the next one was required. All I needed to do was to make myself available so as to stay on schedule! Linda’s organization not only made the process doable, but she also made it loads of fun! And the final product is everything and more than we had ever envisioned! As I now work in the kitchen, I am still amazed at some of the small things Linda added into the design that have made my working in the kitchen extremely gratifying.

Curt Roth, the foreman on the job, was not only delightful to work with, but was very responsive to our texts or emails as he proceeded through the three month build. Any question we had he answered completely and in a very timely manner. We felt he was always on top of things while keeping the job on schedule; such that, when we returned, the kitchen was done as promised!

—Hilde and Terry Clark, Lafayette, CA April 2017

We are thrilled with our updated remodeled home! The crew were on time, and left the premises clean at the end of each day. Scott's overall design was better than we had anticipated. We enjoyed the added bonus of working with designer, Suzy Bauer who helped us through all the decision details. Additionally Kat was there with answers to all our questions. We are very happy with the finished project!

—Olivia Moore-Jones & Martin Jones, Walnut Creek May 2016

Demolished, enlarged, and completely remodeled our kitchen. Huge project. We were given a timeline and they beat it. 14 Weeks. They were there everyday except one. (I was grateful for the peace.) Their computer program, Co-construct, allowed instant communication and a complete record of communications. Their designer was invaluable. The workers were competent, skilled, kind, respectful, happy, clean, and cleaned up their mess as they went. They considered our every concern, were always available, and I consider their whole team partners in our happy home. I cannot say enough good things about MSK Design Build.

—Karen Najarian, Martinez, CA June 2015

We recently completed a whole-house remodel having chosen MSK Design Build to do the design and construction work for the project. And we are so happy we did! We have been in our newly remodeled home for 8 months now and continue to be extremely pleased with all aspects of their work! They were professional, creative, thorough, and highly skilled. On top of all that, what elevated the experience is that they were such a pleasure to work with! And, naturally with the large scope and complexity of a project this size, we were very pleased that, at completion, the contract came in at the price we anticipated with minimal change orders.

Initially, we took some time to engage several design-build firms, including MSKDB, to produce some preliminary design options for us. MSKDB was clearly the winner in the design aspect as they came up with some very creative ideas! We also felt MSKDB was competitive in their preliminary construction proposal for the overall project as compared with the other contractors we were engaging in this evaluation phase.

In addition to our whole-house remodel, we included two large structural changes with the addition of a new 2nd story bathroom and significantly enlarging our kitchen. The centerpiece of the project was the kitchen. Key decisions around the kitchen included how far to push out the kitchen, what lay-out did we want, and, most importantly, what might it look like?

Once we chose MSKDB, it was important to us that we explore and carefully consider various design options before proceeding with construction. Consequently, we took nearly a year to work through the design phase with MSKDB. MSKDB worked closely with our architect during the design. Since the kitchen was the focal point, Scott, MSKDB’s owner, and Kelly, their lead designer, produced several layouts of the kitchen for us to consider with the help of their CAD design tool. The CAD drawings helped us visualize all aspects of our new kitchen. The CAD tool was also useful in settling on a design for the 3 bathrooms and 2 existing fireplaces. With MSKDB’s shepherding during this design process, we felt confident when construction started that the design reflected what we wanted.

Because of the large scope of the remodel, MSKDB estimated it would take 6 months to complete construction. We made the decision to move out of our house during the remodel project, so it was important to us that we be able to move back into our house on time. We are happy to report that when we moved back home, MSKDB had completed all of the construction and remodeling work, with the kitchen and bathrooms fully functional. As would be expected with a job this size, after we moved back in, there were still some minor things remaining that needed to be finished up, and MSKDB worked diligently to knock off every item that remained, with minimal disruption to us.

Overall, we have had nothing but good experiences with MSKDB! Kelly was phenomenal with her keen eye for design and skillful in her lay-outs. She was also extremely knowledgeable about products and materials and that, combined with her experience in the field, made her invaluable. Curt, their project manager, did a great job keeping us informed as we worked through all the usual questions and issues that arise in a remodel project. We are both retired, so we were able to check in on the progress at the house rather frequently. Curt and his construction team were very respectful of our need to "snoop around" and they were courteous and easy to communicate with. The design ideas that both Scott and Kelly brought to the table were truly amazing! We would highly recommend MSK Design Build for any of your remodel needs!

—Layne & Mike Alfrey, January 2015

We wanted to thank the MSK Design Build Team for all of their hard work and dedication into making our dream home into a reality! We couldn’t be happier with our new beautiful kitchen, master bathroom, and stunning wood floors as well as all of the other details that you all worked so hard on! You provided us with the expertise in design, planning, and execution we were looking for. We enjoyed working with your talented design team of Kelly and Carol who walked us through every design choice and made what seemed like a daunting process so easy! We also wanted to thank Curt, Chuck, Gary, Sean, George, Ron and Jim for all of their outstanding hard work, attention to detail, and craftsmanship! We enjoyed using your online project management tool Co-Construct, which always kept us informed of all of our design choices and the progress of our remodel. Our project was done on time, within budget, but most importantly, transformed our home into a place that that we love and will enjoy for many years to come! Thank you all so much again and we are already looking forward to working you on our next project!

—G. & D. Yamamoto, January, 2015

Dear Scott,

Once the inspector gave the final approval on our project yesterday, we decided it would be only fair to share the particulars of our exceptionally positive experience with you and the staff at MSK Design Build.

This has been one of the more complicated projects we have commissioned in more than 40 years of home ownership. It included an addition to the house for a master bathroom, construction of a new roofline over the master suite and kitchen, demolition of a fireplace, replacement and relocation of heating and hot water appliances, as well as the creation of an in-home washer and dryer facility. Everything was designed and executed with rigorous attention to detail, maintenance of a clean work site, and careful (and timely) collaboration with us, the homeowners, concerning every aspect of the project. Each of your skilled employees and subcontractors delivered high quality work at every step. All of them were friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to please us.

The county inspector who came to the house for the final inspection remarked that the addition to our 60 year old home was so consistent with the design and style of the original structure that she couldn’t tell the new from the old. She was very impressed. We see that as an exceptional compliment coming from someone who has undoubtedly seen hundreds of home additions. (By the way, we agree with her)

Finally, every step of the project was completed on a timely basis, beginning with the design and continuing through permitting, demolition, construction, and finish work. Total time to project completion greatly exceeded our expectations.

Thank you for delivering such a wonderful experience. Please share our thoughts with everyone who contributed. See you again next year for the big kitchen project!

—Steve & Donna Wood, Lafayette, CA September, 2014

While I realize this letter is far overdue, we want to tell you how much we enjoy our "new" kitchen, master bath, and other assorted rooms throughout our home.
From beginning to end, your team (including yourself, Kelly, her mom, etc) were nothing but professional and considerate of the trauma involved with a remodel.

It has been a year now since the work has been completed and I am thankful every day for all the thought that went into the planning and execution. Having guests now is much easier now that John has a large office of his own to work from. Functionally, the room you built to expand his office and accommodate his pool table is a God send. The kitchen is so easy to work in (and even easy to clean up). Everything is accessible, even those 10' high cabinets. The quality of the product is excellent throughout, and all finishes always look brand new. We had a few interesting months as far as cooking was concerned during construction, but it was worth every moment of it. The master bath is beautiful and has received numerous accolades. (but no, I don't entertain in my master bath!) That overhead storage area is worth its weight in gold!

I just wanted to close this year by thanking all of you again for all the thought, the planning, creativity and the patience that went into our home. I would highly recommend you and your team to anyone who is considering remodeling, or building. As you know, I have a bit of a construction background and I found all your folks willing to answer my annoying questions, giving me honest and "layman speak" answers that not only made sense, but taught me something. I do have two more bathrooms to do, and once we recover from two weddings this fall, I'll probably be reaching out to you again.

—Donna & John Hughes, December, 2014

We are very happy with the renovations that your team planned, designed and implemented. The new kitchen, den, and bathrooms made an old house into much more of the home that we wanted. You changed our house from a dated tract structure into a comfortable custom residence. The crew was very polite and professional with excellent supervision. My wife felt comfortable when they were around and free to ask questions. Your team was helpful in doing those small details that added convenience to the living areas. The whole process was collaborative and satisfying.

—Nancy & Pat Ireland, Walnut Creek, CA December, 2014

This note is long overdue but the coming of Thanksgiving has prompted us to take a moment to express our thoughts of appreciation for you and your team.

We moved to the East Bay with hopes of finding our dream home. What we bought was the bones of a California ranch that was far from the vision we had of the home we wanted to raise our young family. Scott, you helped us make our dream home come true. Every day I look around and I see the vision, creativity and hard work of you and your team, and LOVE MY HOME!

This whole house renovation project had many design and engineering challenges involved with creating an open concept kitchen-living area functional, fluid, and interesting from a design standpoint. We wanted the open concept but needed to feel "grounded" in various areas. You created new design elements to the great room such as soffits, moved doorways, added new walls that made this open concept interesting, all the while creating fluid functionality. There are still days that I sit on my sofa, which faces towards the kitchen and foyer, and just look around and enjoy my beautiful home and all of the beautiful details. Major engineering and redesign was required in our master bedroom, bath and laundry room. These rooms turned out beautifully, with an entire structural wall being cleverly moved to reassign space between the master bath and bedroom. I remember how you came to the house by yourself prior to demolition, pondering for hours on the design plan.

Jack and I explained to your team from the start, that we were afraid of color, and we were not keen on spending hours and hours on reviewing tiles and fixtures. Your design team was amazing. We went from telling your design team that we really didn't know what our style was, to making succinct, efficient design decisions which we have not regretted to this day. We continue to enjoy all of the choices we made. Your design team was exceptionally good at helping us discover what we really wanted even when we didn't know what that was exactly from the get go. They were great listeners!

Scott, you were the only design firm that presented us with a detailed plan and budget during the request for proposal process. Throughout the planning & construction, you were detailed, timely, collaborative and responsive. Post construction phase, your firm continued to assist us as small issues or questions arose. We do not hesitate in the least to recommend and refer people we come in contact with that need your services.

My husband Jack, worked with you on a daily basis. He has only the most positive comments about his experience in working with you. And, both of us miss the daily interactions we had with you. We cannot thank you enough for your efforts, creativity, vision, and integrity in your dealings with us. We wish you and your firm much success.

—Sookie & Jack Bostelman, Lafayette, CA November, 2012

It’s difficult to put into words how great it feels to finally fulfill a long held dream. Gratitude, joy, relief, peace… we’re feeling all of these emotions and more now that we have a brand new kitchen! Add to that, the satisfaction of having partnered with a company that helped fulfill that dream with low stress, speed, amazing detail to excellence and fun. How often had we heard the horror stories of remodels – “it will take twice as long and cost twice as much as you plan” - but our experience was the complete opposite.

Thank you to Curt for his quiet, focused and efficient leadership on the construction of our kitchen. He made it easy and comfortable to live in our somewhat jumbled home for the duration of this remodel, with minimal disruption to our daily lives. Thank you to the respectful, polite, clean and most important, excellent-at-what-they-do construction team – Pete, Jorge, Chuck, Gary, Sean, Pedro and Ron. Thank you Scott and Kat for your ‘beyond the call of duty’ support behind the scenes, the often unsung but hugely valuable inner workings that make these kinds of projects possible. And last but not least, thank you to Kathy, our designer extraordinaire, who stuck with us from beginning to end, making sure every last detail was attended to and helping us put together our vision of an open, bright, efficient, spacious and beautiful kitchen. It is a true work of art and engineering and we will enjoy it for many years to come.

We can’t say enough positive things about MSK Design Build and their top of the line service and quality, from beginning to end, of our kitchen remodel. With deep gratitude…

—Ruth Anne & Anne B. , Rossmor, Walnut Creek, CA November, 2013

"We have worked with designer Kathy Brokaw and MSK on FOUR remodel projects, including two kitchens in two different homes!

Kathy was absolutely wonderful. She listened to our ideas and helped offer suggestions to get the design we wanted. She helped us create both a traditional look in our first kitchen and a more modern look in the second. She also helped create a zen-like relaxing retreat in our master bath with a custom shower.

—Jim & Susanne Turnball, Walnut Creek, CA

We are SO happy with our house - you guys did such a great job! Thank you for your care and hard work - we look forward to showing it off!

—Cathy & Steve Ferguson, Concord CA October, 2014

"Their customer service is superb. The quality of their work is absolutely unbelievable. They are a small, family operation. They rely on your business. I like that they make their living off of repeat customers. They are very organized, and when you call them, they know who you are. If I ever have any problems, I can call them and someone will help me. They don't blow me off. My friend likes them too. I have never dealt with a company that is this great. Their price is right. I cannot recommend them highly enough. These people are for real. They should be Diamond Certified. They are the best. They don't leave, until it is done. Even if something is not in their realm of fixing, they would do it just to make you happy. I had a nightmare with warped wood and flooding. The leak totally destroyed my kitchen. I called Main Street Kitchens after the restoration company botched the job. Main Street Kitchens did a superb job for me. I have recommended them to my girlfriend. I was very impressed with their work."

—Jane C.

"It's been 5 months since we moved into our kitchen and every morning when I walk in it still takes my breath away. From the creative design talents to the expert construction team each person met the challenges of working on this 100-year-old house.

We have done many renovations over the 17 years we have lived here so we have seen the good, and the bad in terms of contractors. Our experience with Main Street Kitchens was the best ever. We really appreciated the communication, timeliness and professionalism of everyone involved.

Thank you for our beautiful kitchen it is truly the center of our home.

—Glynnis and John C.

I liked the kitchen design person, Kathy Brokaw. She was absolutely wonderful. She worked with us. It took a lot of her time, but we got the design we wanted. I was really impressed with the quality of the craftsmen who worked with Scott. Before we signed anything, Scott came out to give us the estimate and spent an hour crawling in our attic, which showed diligence. He also came in on budget and one time. Even after the kitchen was done, they were extremely responsive to minor issues.

—Ted B.

"I went there to speak with someone about a flyer I received in the mail. The owner spent two hours with me, even though he was in the middle of plastering and working on the adjacent place they were going to move into. I was very impressed with him. As a result, two of my neighbors had Main Street do their kitchens too. They were very attentive, very responsive, and they had good suggestions. They cared about the people they worked with. I love my kitchen, my family room, and living room. They remodeled my fireplace from a picture I showed them. I couldn't be happier with them. I am going to be calling them again to do my bathroom remodel."

—Thomas P.

"They have really great design people, they are very clear on what they are going to do and the cost, and they keep to their schedule. Any unanticipated issue is communicated accurately, including both timelines and price. They do quality work, and they are minimally intrusive to the household. They clean up every night. They are really nice people. I am thoroughly pleased with them."

—Joel M.

Working with the true professionals at MSK Design Build was a great experience. We had an idea of what we wanted but designer Linda made great suggestions and pulled together a design for our kitchen/ family room that was even better than we had imagined. Scott thoroughly checked out the structure and integrity of our home to make sure that what we had in mind would work and his knowledge and integrity was evident.

Key project site carpenter Joe, project manager Curt, all of the staff and specialty trade folks were polite and professional. Kat patiently explained the whole process and trained us on the interactive software that helped us feel involved every step of the way. Financial matters were efficiently handled by Margie. We have highly recommended the MSK firm to several of our friends and neighbors that have been impressed by our beautiful new kitchen.

—Lynn and Rich Spatz, Pleasant Hill, CA June, 2015