Investment Ranges by Room

You might be surprised to discover we’re one of the few companies posting our investment ranges for our projects online. We started this back in 2004 and had such overwhelmingly positive response to our transparency that we’ve continued it through the present.

All of our remodeling costs are for homes in Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Alamo, Danville, Pleasant Hill, Concord, Orinda, Moraga, San Ramon and the surrounding area.

White kitchen remodel with wood flooring

Kitchen Remodel Costs

  • $90,000 and up
  • The cost of our kitchens remodels excludes appliances and specialty lighting

Bathroom Remodel Costs

Our bathroom costs vary depending on whether it’s a hall bath or master bathroom (generally larger than hall bathrooms).

  • Hall baths: $45,000 and up
  • Master baths: $60,000 and up
Award winning bathroom remodel with tub and shower
Family room remodel with fireplace

Whole Home Renovation Costs

Out of all the types of remodels we do, whole home renovation costs vary the most widely, depending on the scope, the complexity of the project, and whether or not there will be structural changes. Prices on these projects therefore vary widely.

Home Addition Costs

Home additions can be as simple as adding a dining room or a master suite, to adding an entire second story.

  • $100,000 and up
Installation of new roof during home addition project
MSK Design Build design team at work

Why Home Renovation Costs Vary So Much

We know that we’re providing wide ranges, but with today’s hundreds of choices, it’s hard to pin down where your budget will be without some initial help on your part. So now that you have a basis for understanding the costs involved in a remodel, let us explain why it’s so challenging to gather information on remodel costs.


When researching how much it costs to remodel a house online, often the articles do not indicate where the writer is located. Unfortunately, the San Francisco Bay area is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States.

Therefore, helpful articles written about average home renovation costs in other areas are woefully misleading regarding the true costs of remodeling here in the East Bay Area.

California is known for innovation, and as you know, it is expensive to be on the front end.  For example, 95% of our countertops over the past 15 years have been quartz, granite or marble. In other parts of the country, tile and solid surfaces (such as Corian) are still very much in use.

Stone and quartz are gradually supplanting these other materials, but in the meantime, the cost difference can be significant.


Building permits in the East Bay Area are much more expensive than most other areas of the country, and the costs vary by jurisdiction. Typically, a building permit for a kitchen remodel will cost between $1800 and $3000 (the amount charged by the city).


The cities we work in are all located in the building code’s seismic zone “D,” with “A” being the least risk and “D” being the most risk.

Being in zone “D” means that projects generally require more structural work than would be required in other areas of the country.

Structural work can be a significant part of the construction budget.


Prices were depressed during the 2008 recession, especially in the construction industry, which took a hard hit. With a recovered economy, strong demand in the housing market, and lots of rebuilding due to fires, we are seeing the costs of materials as well as labor and sub-trade pricing increase significantly. Add to that the possibility of cost increases with new tariffs in 2019, and you can see that pricing is a moving target.

So be aware that a quote that you may have received last year detailing your kitchen remodel costs will most likely no longer be accurate.


Houzz, Pinterest, and a variety of other online venues have really expanded homeowners’ awareness of the wide variety of design and products available.

When working with a design build firm, you partner with your designer and begin to make what probably feels like hundreds of choices, from cabinetry woods and finishes to tile, flooring, countertops, casings, trim, windows, doors, hardware and more.

Each selection brings you closer to your final price, but it is a work in progress. We can give you a ballpark range of what your home, bathroom or kitchen remodel may cost, based on doing hundreds of similar remodels over the years.

After that, your design, allowances and product selections will determine the final cost. As you make decisions on your product selections and design, we can then provide you with your final cost.

We hope this gives you a better sense of pricing and what costs are if you work with us on a remodel.

Give us a call at 925-944-0153 and we’d be happy to discuss more specific home remodel costs during a complimentary design consultation in our office.


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