Before And After Bathroom Remodel Photos: Awkward To Modern Oasis

Get ready to be inspired by before and after bathroom remodel photos of a stunning transformation of a once cluttered and dark primary bathroom in a spacious Alamo, CA home. Our client, who previously hired us for a kitchen remodel, envisioned a bright, open, spa-like sanctuary with clean lines.

As a design-build firm, we encounter many such homes and strive to reimagine the layout to achieve both functionality and aesthetics. By sharing these before and after bathroom remodel photos, you’ll get a sense of the transformation we were able to achieve for our client’s bathroom space.

In the following bathroom before and afters, you’ll witness how we reimagined this space to create a truly functional and aesthetically pleasing primary bathroom.

Before and after bathroom remodel photos – new glass-walled shower

For the size of the bathroom (16 ft x 14.5 ft), the “before” shower was disproportionally small and built on an angle, which made it feel cramped. It was angled in such a manner that a larger person would have to open the shower door and slide sideways into the shower. We re-supported the roof and reframed the walls to create a symmetrical room and to provide ample space for a stand-alone tub and a glass-walled shower.

Considering the size of the bathroom, the space did not have a functional or comfortable design. The “after” shower boasts a stylish floating bench, a large vertical niche for bath products and razors, and a comfortable entry into the shower.

You can see two sets of before and after photos of the shower below.

Original Image
Modified Image
Original Image
Modified Image

Before and after bathroom remodel – vanity, mirrors, countertops, backsplashes, faucets

The “before” bathroom had wall-to-wall mirrors, dated vanities, and old-fashioned faucets. We replaced these with white-painted Crystal Cabinets and white Caesarstone countertops and backsplashes on each of the two walls, creating double vanity areas for each spouse that feel spacious and uncluttered. Our clients chose medium-sized flat mirrors on the wall in lieu of medicine cabinets,  as they had plenty of storage in their vanities. Polished chrome vanity sconces provide warm lighting and a touch of bling over the vanities in the “after” bathroom.

You can see what a difference these changes made in the bathroom in the before and after photos below!

Original Image
Modified Image

Before and after bathroom remodel – bathtub photos

Knowing our clients loved clean lines, simple design, and bright spaces, we not only straightened out the shower wall and reframed the space but we got rid of the steeply-angled ceiling you see in the before bathtub photo below. Then we were able to have a lovely run along one wall with a larger glass-walled shower and a freestanding tub. The ceiling lines were clean, and the chrome flush-mounted ceiling fixture over the tub provides warm lighting and a bit of bling in the “after” bathroom.

The before and after bathroom remodel photos below show light pouring in over the new tub, next to the glass-walled shower.

Original Image
Modified Image

Overall, a successful primary bathroom remodel!

There is nothing more relaxing than starting and ending your day in a bathroom that feels warm, bright, and welcoming. The hardwood floors, bright color palette of Swiss Coffee paint colors, and white cabinetry make for a serene and inviting room!

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