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Walnut Creek 2 story house addition

Home Additions

Expand Your Space with Our Beautiful Kitchen, Family Room, Bathroom or Bedroom Additions

Are you and your family outgrowing your home? Dreaming of a new kitchen, but there isn’t enough space for new appliances, an island and an eating nook? When you love your house, but you just don’t have enough space, a home addition is the way to go.  At MSK Design Build, we have the expertise and experience to help you choose the right addition for your home – one that gives you space where you need it and blends the old with the new seamlessly.


We’ll Help You Decide Which Way to Go!

Sometimes, a simple “bumpout” to your existing kitchen or bath is enough to give you that valuable added space. Other times, outside view of home addition in progressa whole new room addition is the answer. And on a smaller lot, you might be thinking about building up – a second story addition with a bedroom or bath. As home addition contractors, we’re here to help you give serious consideration to your home addition plans, as well as share new ideas.


Let Us Build You A House Addition That Feels Like “Home”


The last thing that you want when building an addition to a house is to have it look like an addition! With MSK Design Build, the new and the old blend together in both Outside view of  home addtionform and function, while staying loyal to the integrity of your original home design, only better. We create expansive and attractive additions that give you space and the freedom to grow, be that with children, parents, or a home business.


See Your Planned Addition in 3D!

Let us walk with you through your home, discuss your home addition plans, and help you to understand how to begin the process. We’ll provide 3D renderings of home addition floor plans that will help you visualize your new, larger home. MSK Design Build will take care of all the steps along the way, from 3D renderings, to plans, engineering, design, permitting and construction. Not sure exactly what you want? Our award-winning team will work with you on the myriad decisions that go into creating an addition to a house.

home addition that added more kitchen space

Ready to Start Designing Your Dream Home?

Contact us or call 925.944.0153 and schedule a complimentary appointment for our award-winning home addition contractor to see your home and hear your vision.