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Design/Build FAQs

It’s pretty straightforward: we design what we build.  Clients come to us for one-stop shopping, and streamlined direction from start to finish. At MSK Design Build, Scott Westby is both the contractor and the designer/owner with design offices, a team of award winning designers and an in-house crew of quality craftsmen.

Why design build?

In the design build process, you know what you’re getting before construction starts. All design solutions have been worked out in advance. There is no running around last-minute looking for a tile or faucet. And quite importantly, your project stays within your budget. Construction not only starts on time, but finishes on time.

Is design build expensive?

bathroom tile

No. It’s all about control – control over the budget, the schedule, the trades, and our own in-house team of designers and crew.  It’s about finding out your budget in advance – not getting a low initial number and then being hit with multiple high-dollar change orders throughout your project. It’s about experience — knowing the quirks of the products, and having top-notch trades to do the job right. It’s about craftsmanship, and quality and the right fit. It’s about professionalism and creating something that lasts.

While many of our clients come to us looking for beautiful design and function, we also have some wonderfully simple projects that aren’t investment-heavy at all. (By simple, we mean sticking to solid design work – using gorgeous porcelain alternatives vs. embossed and pricey handmade tiles, or selecting a stylish cabinet door that saves the budget vs. the most complex.)

Your choices have a lot to do with what the investment will be.

How long have you been in business?

Main Street Kitchen opened its doors in March of 2001. We moved to 37 Quail Court, Suite 200 in Walnut Creek  in November 2012 and changed our name to MSK Design Build. Same great staff, same experience and enthusiasm,  and our eigth year as a Diamond Certified remodeling firm!

Do you have proof of general liability and workers' compensation?

Yes, and yes. As a licensed professional construction company,  we wouldn’t have it any other way. We also conduct bi-weekly crew safety meetings for our own additional “insurance.”

You’ll find us on the California Contractors State Licensing Board  by searching with our contractor license number: # 798955. The name is listed under MSK Design Build. No matter who you use, check their license!

Our worker’s compensation insurance is with Falls Lake Fire & Casualty Company. The Policy# is FLA004703-00 is good from 4/1/17 to 4/1/18 and is renewed annually at the appropriate date.

Our general liability insurance is with Colony Insurance Company. The policy #103 GL0015129-00 is good from 8-11-16 to 8-11-17 and is renewed annually at the appropriate date.

We’re also a EPA lead-safe certified firm. If your home was built prior to 1978, any contractor, painter, or window installer who does work in your home must follow proper care in removing the debris — it’s the law. Check out the “Renovate Right” pamphlet and the EPA’s website for more information.

What type of work do you do?

“Our specialty is designing and creating spaces for people who are planning to stay in their home for awhile (or forever) and who are looking for creative design  and detail, functionality and quality craftmanship. We love cooks. We love people who see their bathrooms as a sanctuary. We love clients who want to incorporate design ideas from their various travels. We love people who notice a special wood inlay border or a small tile hidden in a corner that only they can see. We love our clients bragging about their new spaces. “

Design Build

Full-service design and remodeling for kitchens, bathrooms, whole home remodels and additions. Part of the full-service design may include partial remodels of other rooms, such as refacing fireplaces, adding new tile in the foyers, changing out the windows in the bedroom, or adding a skylight and wood flooring in the hallways.

Separate retail services for cabinets:

  • our clients who already have a contractor
  • do-it-yourself-ers
  • contractors who don’t carry their own cabinetry lines and want professional backup cabinetry assistance for their projects. (Your client will always remain your client.)

Are your staff and crew employees or sub-contractors?

We prefer to have a mixture of both. Our in-house design team and office staff are employees, as  are our project managers, framing, finishing and utility carpenters. Our sub-contractors tend to be in the specialized fields like electrical, counters, tile-setting, texturing, and painting.  Most of our sub-contractors have been with us since the beginning — they’re fine craftsmen at what they do and we like to keep them busy.

What's the next step?

Whether you’re just starting out, or already in the midst of selecting your team, we invite you to make a complimentary appointment with our designers. One of the frequent remarks we hear is, “You really listen.”

Yes. We welcome the opportunity to hear your wish list, and help you with suggestions on how to increase the value, functionality, and beauty of your home.  This is your chance to ask the  questions you’re wondering about —  how long does it take, or which materials are best for your family’s lifestyle? If we don’t believe we’ll provide good value for you, we’ll say so. We’ll also show you our detailed process which eliminates common remodeling errors and wins us some of the most enthusiastic clients around.

Reach out to us now at 925.944.0153. We’d love to hear from you!

What suppliers do you carry?

bathroom tile

We carry Crystal Cabinetry, a fine USA made cabinetry line. We have found them to be one of the most comprehensive custom cabinet lines without the custom cost.

Cambria and Caesarstone are our quartz vendors of choice, and we have over 100 samples for your viewing.

Do you offer design services?

Not separately. However, our design expertise is an integral part of our design-build projects and we also supply cabinetry design help for our retail cabinetry division.Some of our clients are do-it-yourself-ers  or already have a contractor.  They need help with their cabinetry design and  layout and we work with them to maximize space and discuss functionality.  We also have a number of contractors who send their clients in to us for their cabinetry needs.

Why MSK?

We love what we do! And we’re really good at it. We love to work with home owners to create the home that they’ve always wanted. We’re a close-knit team at MSK Design Build.  Some of us are second-generation; others have had decades of experience (but to play it safe we won’t say who or how long – you’re on your own in the  “Who we are”  pages.)

Simply put, we’re at the stage where we believe remodeling should be an enjoyable, rewarding, and stress-free experience for all. Or as  stress-free as one can get when living through a remodel…