Get More Storage Space By Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinets

Purchasing cabinets is expensive, so making sure you are buying the cabinets that will match your storage and aesthetic needs is essential.  Not all cabinets provide the same amount of space, functionality and design appeal. Homeowners generally keep their cabinets for a minimum of 10 years, so it’s important to make an informed decision.

Over the years, we have sold and installed many cabinets for our design build clients. One question that we hear all the time is “What is the difference between framed and frameless cabinets?” Another one is: “What’s an inset cabinet”? Scott Westby, owner of MSK Design Build, general contractor and designer extraordinaire, took time out to explain the difference in an article for Diamond Certified. He also created a video with them explaining the difference.

As kitchen remodels are booming, we thought we’d share the post so you can spend your time exploring the cabinet options that will work best for your kitchen needs.

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See video:


Inset cabinets

Inset cabinets – the door and drawer faces are flush with the cabinet’s face frame.


frameless cabinetsFrameless cabinets, also known as European cabinets, do not have a face frame.


frame cabinets

Framed cabinets feature face frames to which drawers or doors can be attached. See more about these kitchen cabinets here.