Walnut Creek Hall Bath Remodel

We’ve had some new projects lately,  but not much time to update — our apologies.

Here’s a project we finished in late summer. The clients are former clients — we had performed multiple projects for them with more to come,  and the client’s design ideas are always great and it’s a lot of fun to toss thoughts back and forth with them.

The before

Far nicer than most befores!
A very typical upstairs hall bath in a 1980s tract home. The clients had already replaced the tile, counter, sinks, and shower glass a decade ago, and painted the former oak vanity this warm brown, but she decided it was time for a facelift.  (Most of our “befores” don’t usually look like this.)

They wanted to keep the vanity the same color but update it — raise it a bit higher from its 30″ height, and add some legs so it looked more like a piece of furniture. Since they were looking at resale down the road, they decided against replacing the shower doors, but the tile had to go. The tub was fine, with no water damage in the walls, so it stayed in place.

In the end, the new colors turned out to be these warm tones:

Peppercorn cabinet, iridescent mosaics, and linear porcelain tiles

Non-slip porcelains for the floor - non-porous, non-slip, and easy to clean
…and the end result turned out to be this:

The After

   A band of white stone tile on the tub walls leads the eye to the lighting shades

Yes, that is a lighted niche between the mirrors


We’ve noticed a trend toward square sinks for the past few years. The backsplash is that iridescent mosaic with a travertine pencil liner to co-ordinate with the clients’ cork decor and straw shades.

Quartz counter, and interesting lavatory faucets reminiscent of bamboo
There you go. So new we haven’t even listed it in our projects yet….