We’re now Diamond Certified!

diamond certified logo

What’s Diamond Certified? It’s an independent rating on quality and customer satisfaction.  It has a rigorous screening system which sets the bar pretty high, and only those who score 90% or higher can call themselves Diamond Certifed.

Our letter celebrating our inclusion states,  “Most kitchen and bath showrooms can’t qualify for Diamond Certified because of the customer satisfaction standards required. So, just earning and maintaining your Diamond Certified status is  great achievement.”

(Which is a nice way of saying  they don’t let anyone who’s Diamond Certified rest on their laurels – we have to maintain that customer satisfaction yearly.)

Among other processes, here’s how we qualified:

  •  99 of our clients over the past 4 years were asked for their opinions in an independent phone survey.
  • Our professional licenses were verified, along with a check of our workers’ compensation coverage and general liability insurance.  That was the easy part.
  • A review of complaint bureau statuses. (Which didn’t turn up anything.)
  • An evaluation of our financial condition, and absence of significant suits, liens, or judgments. (Always important in this climate.  We’ve also never had a suit, lien or judgment.)

While we were hoping clients appreciated our designs and personal touch, we discovered:

  • 88% of our clients would use us again.
  • Almost 84% of our clients rated us an 8 or higher, with 54%  giving us a 10 out of 10.

We’re pleased and a bit humbled by all the nice comments, which you can see here. (We’re listed under “Contra Costa”, then “Kitchen and Bath Showrooms.”)

Thank you – it was a pleasure working with you as well.

Kat Mullen

Kat and her husband, Scott Westby, own and run MSK Design Build, an award-winning design-build firm located in the San Francisco East Bay. With over 10 years of experience in design-build construction for high-end remodels, Kat enjoys sharing her knowledge, experience and expertise. Kat's favorite part of the design build process is hearing her client's vision for their home and helping to make their dream into reality.